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Mission at Stonebroom Methodist Church


  • The Gospel of Christ as revealed in the Word of God
  • Sharing with all people the love of God
  • Maintaining the life of the Church through worship, fellowship and service
  • Extending the kingdom of God in the lives of people everywhere

Our Calling

To fulfil our mission at Stonebroom Methodist Church we are charged with:

  • Sharing regularly in the worship of God
  • Celebrating the sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism
  • Seeking the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and, under His guidance, proving the power of prayer and studying the word of God
  • Being alert to the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit in this present age
  • Being cheerful and responsible givers
  • Supporting and taking a close interest in the work of the Methodist Church in its total World Mission
  • Worshipping and glorifying God in word and action
  • Contributing to and enriching the fellowship of the Church to which we belong
  • Supporting each other as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Using the gifts and resources that God has given us to enrich the lives of the community in which He has placed us

Our Promise

When you come to Stonebroom Methodist Church we will:

  • Make you welcome
  • Be family friendly
  • Respect your individuality
  • Endeavour to be practical and relevant in modern society
  • Help you to explore answers to your deepest questions
  • Offer you time to stop and think in a busy life
  • Help you to make sense of the Bible and who Jesus is
  • Try to make your visit helpful but challenging
  • Help you to discover for yourself, God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Offer you a chance to make a new start

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