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Sunday School

Sunday School (KFJ Kids for Jesus)

Resumes on Sunday 12 September 2021

Sunday School begins at 9.30 am during school term times. All children between the age of 4 upwards are welcome.

The leaders have a wealth of experience in teaching children and are DBS checked. They make the sessions interesting with a variety of activities and encourage creativity with craft work; drama and singing.

Covid-19 safeguards will be in place.

Children are very curious and love to learn!  We read stories from the bible and explain the context in which they are set.  The children are encouraged to ask questions.  It is amazing the insight they have and the questions that they ask.

This is a very happy time for the children and the leaders as together they explore to the stories of Jesus; the parables of Jesus and also stories from the Old Testament.

The benefits of the spiritual and moral development of children is recognised and discussed in a paper released by the NCC (National Curriculum Council).  To read the paper follow this link.

If you would like your child/children to attend, please get in touch.  You can use the contact form on this website, or telephone Carol Corbett on 01773 778455 who will be pleased to help you.

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